Is training prior to the CoPC assessment mandatory?

Preparation training prior to the assessment is not mandatory but advisable. The review process is done based on the requirements set out in IECEx OD 504.


Applicants wishes to undertake training aligned with IECEx OD 503 and 504, prior to his or her assessments, can lookup via the IECEx webpage for an updated list of Recognized Trainor Providers.


Tech Skills International (TSI), through its partners is able to offer Ex-courses, including exam/assessment preparatory training. Training preparing is done separately from TSI. For more information on our partners please click on this link (Click Here)

How will I know if my application is successful and how long does this process take?

Our team of examiners will need to evaluate your application form together with all supplied documentation prior to the CoPC assessment. This process will take not more than 48 hrs. You will receive an email from us indicating if you have fulfilled all the requirements to undertake the CoPC assessment.

What is the cost of the CoPC assessment?

This will depend on the number of units you have applied to be assessed against. A detailed quotation will be supplied against the number of units.

Can I appeal a decision?

Yes. Decisions taken by the Certification Body can be appealed. Please see the document section on how to appeal a decision

Where can I undertake the assessment?

Currently we operate out of Australia, Korea and China. Tech Skills International is able to operate across international borders.

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